i find nothing more invigorating than adding my creative photographic input to a strong subject matter in an interesting environment. images with energy and a taste of the avant garde excite me.

i am driven by my perfectionism in the workplace and by my desire to manage the photographic workflow process personally, from concept to final artwork.

i am confident in many genres of photography. this is due to my degree in photography, international experience and lecturing the subject to future professionals both in south africa, and internationally.

my strengths lie in communication, and understanding the brief completely before a job. this makes me reliable, and my work consistent.

nothing excites me more than venturing to new lands and capturing that virginal excitement of aesthetic freshness. the freshness which unfortunately due to time and familiarity, fades.

i presently find myself travelling between my home city, cape town, where i shoot, teach and grow, and johannesburg where i shoot for my corporate and commercial clients.

i look forward to shooting more book projects in portraiture and travel and to communicating through composition, something that seems to come naturally to me.

Videography has become a large part of our portfolio and is a new service that the corporate clients are embracing as well as aerial drone photography and videography